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Multi-City Weather Tracker

A web app that allows users to create an account and track the weather of multiple locations.

technologies & frameworks: node.js, express.js, mongoDB, firebase, jade, bootstrap

Photo Gallery

A web app for creating and storing photo albums and for browsing other users' photos.

technologies & frameworks: node.js, express.js, mongoDB, AWS, firebase, jade, bootstrap

Stock Tracker

A single page web app that allows users to look up and create a list of stocks to track.

technologies & frameworks: angular.js, MarketData API(v2), bootstrap


A one-player web app version of one of my favorite board games, Boggle.

technologies & frameworks: plain old JS, css, html, jQuery, and bootstrap

Python Word Games

A collection of word games (hangman, text-twist, word search) written for the command line.

To play: clone the GitHub repo, cd into the Word-Games directory, and run the python script of the game you wish to play from the command line

Memory Matching Game

A simple web app for playing a yellow-lab-themed game of "Memory" with adjustable board sizes.

technologies & frameworks: plain old JS, css, html, jQuery, and bootstrap

My Story

After nearly six years of studying literature and theory in college and grad school, I discovered coding in February 2015 and decided to change what I was doing with my life.

I left my PhD program in literature and began to devote all of my waking time to studying software and web development. I self-studied Python for 4 months (August - November 2015) and then received a full scholarship to attend a live-in JavaScript bootcamp in California. In April, I began working as an apprentice developer at Cyrus Innovation(now known as Def Method), a software consultancy in New York City. I moved to Baltimore at the beginning of August, continuing to work remotely for Def Method as a developer consultant. In January 2017, I became a developer at SmartLogic.

I love software and web development because they are expansive, constantly developing fields in which there’s always more to discover. Even more inspiring to me, though, is the potential to work with other developers to make a real, tangible difference in the world through programming. I'm serious about learning foundational best practices and driven to work hard and improve.

My Blog

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